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Fibre Broadband Project Update 3

By West Bagborough Parish Council West Bagborough Parish Council

Friday, 16 October 2020


West Bagborough Contributor


Paul Gaunce, the Project Co-ordinator has sent this update for publication. Please read through it to check whether you need to do anything in support of this important project for the community. Any one in our area can sign even if you had not notified Paul originally.

Dear All, OK we are nearly there, now is the time to sign up,

  1. please go to
  2. Scroll down to “ We need to check your current broadband speed to see if you qualify for a voucher.

  3. Is it less than 100Mbps?” Check “yes” put in your post code and confirm you are not an 'internet robot' by ticking the box or completing the puzzle!

  4. Now put in your name address etc.

  5. Make sure you say if you think you are a business, if in doubt say you are and follow the instructions. (If they say you do not qualify it is not a problem.)

What happens next?

You will also get a postcard from Openreach to ask you to sign up, if you have already done so then ignore the postcard.

This sign up is to say you will sign up to one of Open Reach Suppliers once your fibre is there. This was covered in our answers sheet and for many will mean you simply stay with your current provider but upgrade your internet package to fast fibre.

The sooner we do this the sooner we get fibre! When you have signed up I would appreciate an email so I can chase those not signed! Any problems please let me know. [email protected]

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