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Parish Council Vacancy

By Parish Clerk WBPC West Bagborough Parish Council

Tuesday, 23 May 2023


West Bagborough Parish Council Contributor


Councillor King has decided to retire after serving for 40 years as a Councillor and Chair of the Parish Council. This means there is now a vacancy for a Councillor that has to be filled. There are two ways this can happen.

If 10 or more persons on the electoral role for the Parish want a formal balloted Election managed by Somerset Council they must notify the Returning Officer as outlined in the formal notice (click on the picture above) or check the Village Notice Board for details.

If no such requests are received then the Parish Council will offer the vacancy and vote, at the next meeting on 20th July 2023, for the preferred choice from any candidates who apply. Further details on how to apply will be published here after 13th June 2023. .

You can check whether you are eligible to serve as a Councillor here.

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