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Playpark Re-opens 10th July 2020

By West Bagborough Parish Council West Bagborough Parish Council

Friday, 10 July 2020


West Bagborough Contributor


The Playpark is now open. The posters on site say from 12th July but you may use it now. Thank you for your co-operation with the following guidelines which are there to help you stay safe and enjoy your visit.

Safety Guidance for using West Bagborough Play Park

• Please follow the current social distancing guidelines when visiting and encourage your children to do the same

• We strongly recommend that children should be supervised when using the Playpark. Parents must decide whether they will allow their children to visit the Playpark unsupervised by an adult. There is no routine or regular sanitising of equipment

• Please keep to ONE accompanying adult per household/group inside the Playpark

• Use of the Playpark equipment is restricted to children under 14 years of age

• If the Playpark FEELS too crowded; it IS too crowded. Please wait or come back later

• To ensure that everyone gets a turn safely, please limit time in the Playpark to 30 minutes at busy times.

• Bring hand sanitiser with you and consider taking a bottle of water and a towel in case your children’s hands get covered in mud. Ensure your children are using hand sanitiser frequently and don’t put their hands near their face. Wash hands thoroughly when you get home

• No food or drink is allowed in the Playpark

• The Playpark must not be used as a meeting point for social groups who cannot use the equipment (ie those over 14)

• Do not remove any temporary barriers to the Playpark, plastic fencing or marker tape, or unravel any swing seats or cables that may have been secured to put them out of use

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