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Superfast Broadband Project

By West Bagborough Parish Council West Bagborough Parish Council

Sunday, 31 May 2020


West Bagborough Contributor


You will (or might have already) received our leaflet (click on the picture links above) about applying for FTTP Fibre Broadband to our homes.

Yes, this means we may finally have a way to get reliable and fast internet to our homes!

The great news is that if enough of us sign up and pledge our interest, Openreach will cover ALL costs of setting this up, and will supply it directly to our home. Unfortunately there is an error in the leaflet. It says “you will need to get a company to install fibre the rest of the way into your home”. In fact the voucher you sign up for pays for fibre right into your home. “Full fibre service” means fibre into your house only.

We need everyone to sign up, so we need your support.

What do I need to do?

If you want fibre to your home simply email us back at [email protected] with your name and address to say you would like better broadband or you can phone on 07785757450 if you prefer.

Please be sure to tell us if you run your business from your home as we get more money for this.

Once we know how many want fibre broadband and hopefully we have enough people to agree to cover the Openreach costs, then Openreach will open a temporary web site for you to sign up for the Government voucher scheme. These vouchers are funded by the government they don’t cost you anything. They are just a means for Openreach to get the money to pay for the installation.

In 2021 once the fibre has been installed to a point close to your home, then you open a new contract with an Openreach broadband provider (BT, TalkTalk etc...) to receive the new superfast broadband, they will install this at no cost (or just a nominal sum for a wifi hub). This service contract needs to be for a minimum of 1 year and either a minimum of 30Mb/s or double your existing speed whichever is the greater. You probably have a contract already with one of these providers in which case you can ask them to upgrade it to FTTP fibre.

What will it cost or save me?

As a guide, the charges for a newly installed 30Mb/s fast fibre should be no more than what you are paying now (based on what we know people in the village currently pay) and may be even less money! So it is much better value for us.

Plus you will be able to get speeds up to 1000Mb/s if you want to sign up to a superfast plan! The new fibre contracts can also include phone as well as TV, so you may even make further savings on your bills, depending on your current plan.

What else are the benefits?

Installing fibre to the home also increases house prices, which is a further worthwhile investment.

It is also really important to know that if you don’t sign up now and want fibre in future you will have to pay for it to be routed into your house from the nearest fibre point, which will be very expensive!

The point of us organising this is we are able to get a huge amount of grant funding if we all sign up together now.

So this is an amazing one-off opportunity to be connected as a village, like the rest of the UK.

No more slow and unreliable internet for rip-off prices!

What if not enough people sign up?

If we don't get enough people to sign up, we will need to look at fundraising to cover any remaining costs. Hopefully we won't need to do that though.

There is no financial liability for you at this stage other than committing to taking one of the many services available once the fibre supply is available.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or you can phone on 07785757450 if you prefer

We hope to hear from you soon,

The Baggie Broadband Team.

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