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Traffic Survey Results

By Parish Clerk WBPC West Bagborough Parish Council

Monday, 14 November 2022


West Bagborough Parish Council Contributor


A huge thank you to all those who responded to our survey on traffic through the Parish. Here is a short summary of the results. If you would like a full copy along with the dataset please email the Clerk. [email protected]

We received 83 responses from approximately 160 properties in the village. There was an excellent spread of age and location which we consider highly representative of the village. The survey was advertised in the village email newsletter, WhatsApp group, this website and by leafleting every household.
As you can from the attached survey results, there is overwhelming support for a speed limit in the village. Only 1 person said ‘No’ to at least 30 mph restriction.
The preferred option, with 74% either agreeing or strongly agreeing, is for a 30 mph limit throughout the village and 20 mph in certain sections. 62% of replies had identified at least 1 near miss and sdome with multiple events.

The survey clearly identifies black spots in the village such as those places where it is easier to speed and there are corners, e.g. especially around the London Cross junction, Heathfield turning, and between the Village Hall and Church. It would therefore seem appropriate that all of these areas were included in a 20 mph restriction for which there is overwhelming support. Indeed, 70.9% either agree or strongly agree to a 20 mph limit throughout the village, although a few more would not be happy with this option.


Results of the survey have been passed to Somerset County Council/Highways. The Parish Council will continue to press our County Councillor for some action.

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